Specializing in business start-up, state licensure, accreditation survey preparation and Medicare/Medicaid enrollment for home health, nurse registries, durable medical equipment providers and long term care providers of all sizes

Beyond the Ordinary

Our values and competitive strength lie in the collaborative relationships that we develop with our clients. Essentially, we assist clients by undertaking tasks they are unable or do not have the internal resources to do. This collaboration begins by establishing a complete understanding of the services, determining the specific scope of services needed, and proposing time-frames for completion.

Along with constantly being ready, willing and able to do the job, the client’s desired outcomes are always achieved.  Highly trustworthy, easy to reach and always being prepared to work is what sets us apart from others. Alliance’s relationship with clients remains strong because of the reliability, communication, and consistency in services provided.

The consultants of Alliance Consulting Services of Florida, Inc. have been providing management consulting services to healthcare organizations for over twenty years.