Home Health Aide Medication Administration Program


Home Health Aide Medication Administration Program


Product Description

The program applies to all home health agencies licensed by the Agency for Health Care Administration in Florida (AHCA). Effective October 2020, state regulations were revised to allow home health aides to administer medications. This program helps an agency to implement and facilitate the addition of this new service in compliance with state regulations. This 24-page, customizable program is available for download in Microsoft Word and includes the following documents:

  • Easy-to-follow instruction guide on how to implement the program overall.
  • Policy describing the program as well as initial and annual training requirements.
  • A step-by-step diagram defining the process for adding medication administration by home health aides as a service.
  • A revised home health aide job description and performance evaluation.
  • Client authorization form.
  • Home health aide assignment form.
  • Medication administration record.
  • Home health aide competency assessment form.